Match preview: Carlos Carvalhal interview

Carlos Carvalhal has spoke of how ready and positive his players are going into Saturday’s Yorkshire derby against Leeds United.

“We are a team that in the last sixteen games are second in the Championship and in the last five games, have won four,” stated the Wednesday manager.

“We are a team that is in a good position, not fantastic, but it is a good position.

“There are a lot of positive things. I want to be optimistic, I want to put everybody optimistic, I want to put the environment positive and I want to push my players.

“It’s a big part of my work to put everybody positive. My reality is to push everybody up and to prepare the team for the derby.”

The Owls are behind their rivals by just one goal, both sides are on a respectable fifty-eight points.

He continued: “If you ask, can we win against any team in the competition then I would say yes, we can win against any team.

“If you ask if it will be a tough game for Leeds, it will be absolutely sure and to us also.

“We are not an easy team to play against and that is a big positive of the game for us.

“We are ready to the derby and ready to compete, going to Leeds with positivity. We are ready, we are positive and that is my message to everybody.”

When asked about injured players he said: “We have good expectations that the players with problems will be ok for Saturday. We’ll see the reaction after training today. He also confirmed that Tom Lees will “take a little longer”.



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